S’mores Holiday Gift Ideas

Surprise your favorite s’moresaholic this holiday season with one of these 15 perfect gift ideas. (Or perhaps you just want to #treatyoself. No judgment here.)

1. Nostalgia Indoor Electric Stainless Steel S’mores Maker $20

Nostalgia s’mores maker

In the $20 range, your loved one can bring the s’mores party indoors and roast marshmallows to perfection over the tabletop electric flameless heater.

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2. Sugarfina S’mores Candy $8

Sugarfina s’mores candy

A mini marshmallow drenched in premium milk chocolate, then rolled in crushed graham crackers for the classic taste of a s’more in one bite.

Buy from Sugafina

3. Williams Sonoma S’mores $30–60

Williams Sonoma S’mores

Have a $30 gift budget? Each bite-size piece combines a fresh-baked honey graham cracker with a delicate layer of vanilla marshmallow—enrobed in premium Guittard milk chocolate.

Buy from Williams Sonoma

4. S’mores Socks $9–11

s’mores socks

If you’re going to stuff a pair of socks into his or her stocking, why not let them have a little fun with them?

Buy on Amazon for her or for him

5. Serenilite Slow Rising Scented S’mores Squishy Toy $10–30

s’mores squishy toys

Relieve stress without the calories with a cute squshable s’more toy. Get a single s’more, a jumbo and regular s’more, or level up to a s’more, waffle, and cola triple pack.

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6. Stainless S’mores Roasting Rack with Skewers $12

s’mores grilling rack

The perfect set for roasting marshmallows and warming up chocolate on a gas grill.

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7. Smores Caddy $20

s’mores caddy

This beautifully designed caddy can carry 2 packs of crackers, a large pack of marshmallows, roasting sticks, and 6 milk chocolate bars all at once.

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8. Smores Couture Gourmet S’mores Bonbons $10–30

Smores Couture bonbons

The combination of gourmet chocolates balance out the rich and delicious creamy cookie center that sits on top of the marshmallow. These are not your typical campfire treats.

Buy from Smores Couture

9. "I Love You S’more" Pillow Cover $22

I love you s’more pillow cover

Brighten the room with cute snuggly marshmallows. These cotton/linen blend pillow covers are so soft and make such a beautiful accent that you can add to any space.

Buy on Etsy

10. Fisher-Price S’more Fun Campfire Playset $20

Fisher-Price s’mores playset

Looking for a toy for the kids? Who doesn’t love play food or bear attacks? Give your kids the gift of imagination so they can train up on their s’moreskills and learn how to play dead around bears with this playset by Fisher-Price.

Read my review and buy on Amazon

11. David’s Tea S’mores Chai $10–50

David's Tea s’mores chai

Know someone who loves making loose-leaf tea? This blend has sweet toasted marshmallow aroma and warming notes of cinnamon and graham crackers.

Buy from David's Tea

12. Stay S’more T-shirt $17–35

Stay S’more t-shirt

This Ghostbusters-themed t-shirt, tank, or hoodie puts our friend Stay Puft to the best use.

Buy on SnorgTees

13. S’mores Snowman with Cardinals Ornament $10

s’mores ornament

Allow your loved one to add a unique s’mores snowman to the Christmas tree.

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14. Williams Sonoma S’mores Maker $50

Williams Sonoma S’more Maker

If you have a little more budget and want to get a more high-end s’mores maker, then this one from Williams Sonoma will do the trick.

Buy from Williams Sonoma

15. TIMBR "S’mores a Crowd" Serving Tray $70

TIMBR s’mores serving tray

Have a little more budget to spend to help fuel someone’s s’mores addiction? Give them this charming handcrafted pine s’mores serving tray with genuine leather handles.

Buy from TIMBR

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