S’mores Puns

A list of s’mores puns for those seeking eyerolls around the campfire. You’re welcome.

I’m a sucker for a good dad joke. I have quite an extensive dadabase.

Mix terrible puns with s’mores, and you’ve got a winning combination in my book.

Without further adieu, here is my living list of s’mores puns. I "invented" some myself. Where possible, I’ve listed the source of the ones that I’ve picked up elsewhere.

Translation Pun Source
forever s’morever
grammatical grahammatical
hors d’oeuvres s’more d’oeuvres
Halloween Malloween SmashMallow
Instagram Insta-graham
a lot a choco-lot Elite Daily
Make love, not war Make s’mores, not wars The S’more Pit
melodramatic mallow-dramatic
moral of the story s’moral of the story
more than a feeling s’more than a feeling
the more, the merrier the s’more, the merrier
morsel s’morsel S’morsels
Mortal Kombat S’mortal Kombat
outsourcing outs’morcing
some less s’less
sorcerer s’morecerer Cerealously
storefront s’morefront
stories s’mories The S’more Pit

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