Campfire S’mores

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The OG. The classic. How to make s’mores in their natural habitat: around the campfire.

Recipe Card: Campfire S’mores

Prep Time

5 min

Cook Time

10 min

Total Time

15 min


8 s’mores


  • 8 sheets honey graham crackers
  • 2 milk chocolate bars, broken into 8 pieces
  • 8 marshmallows


  1. Build a campfire. This could take quite a bit of time depending on supplies available and weather conditions.
  2. Break each sheet of graham crackers into square halves.
  3. Top a graham cracker square with a portion of chocolate bar. Keep another plain graham cracker square handy.
  4. Skewer a marshmallow on a long stick or metal skewer and hold over the heat of the campfire. Toast, turning occasionally, until the marshmallow puffs and turns golden brown. This can take anywhere from 1–5 minutes, depending on your preference and how hot the fire is.
  5. Place the marshallow on top of the graham cracker containing the chocolate piece and, using the remaining plain graham square, squish the marshmallow down and pull off the skewer.
  6. Hold the sandwich together between your fingers for a few seconds and let the heat of the roasted marshmallow melt the chocolate.
  7. Eat while it is warm and gooey and perfect.

Pro tips

There is a lot that you can do with the 3 main ingredients—and swapping in additional ingredients.

  • Add as many or as few chocolate pieces and/or marshmallows as you’d like.
  • Swap in different kinds of chocolates, graham crackers, cookies, or marshmallows, depending on your tastes and/or allergy requirements.
  • Try thin slices of fruit—bananas, berries, etc.
  • Spread peanut butter, jam, or Nutella on the bottom graham cracker along with—or instead of—the chocolate bar.


S’mores are a traditional American campfire treat with a few key ingredients:

  • Marshmallow toasted over a campfire
  • A piece of chocolate bar
  • All sandwiched between 2 graham cracker squares

Many will suggest that you can substitue the chocolate and graharam crackers with different types of candies and cookies. One thing is clear: the roasted marshmallows are key and the true essence of the treat.

A description of the experience encapsulates everything I love about s’mores: crunchy graham crackers, gooey toasted marshmallow, and warm, slightly-melted chocolate. It’s simple to make, contains a variety of textures and sensations, and is delicious.

The s’more is a rich treat enjoyed after a long, hard, physical day full of adventure, activity, friendship, and memories. It is a summer staple and a requirement for virtually any summer bonfire or camping trip.

The history of s’mores seems to point to the Girl Scouts. A description of "Some-mores" are first mentioned in a 1925 newspaper article about a Girl Scout troop leader meeting. A couple years later in 1927, the Girl Scouts published a recipe for “Some More” in a guide called Tramping and Trailing with the Girl Scouts:

“Some More”: 8 sticks, 16 graham crackers, 8 bars plain chocolate (Hershey’s or any of the good plain brands broken in two), 16 marshmallows. Toast two marshmallows over the coals to a crisp gooey state and then put them inside a graham cracker and chocolate bar sandwich. The heat of the marshmallow between the halves of chocolate bar will melt the chocolate a bit. Though it tastes like “smore more,” one is really enough.

I’m not quite sure about the meaning of that last phrase, "one is really enough." Experts say that the exact meaning of that phrase was lost centuries ago.

Yes, s’mores a little sticky and messy, but that is all part of the experience. Let loose and enjoy.

Children react with joy at the mention of making s’mores, and adults look back at their own childhoods with a sense of nostalgia.

Be warned that you can’t eat just one. It's all in the name.

Rating breakdown

Marshmallow Badge

Marshmallow: 5

Chocolate Badge

Chocolate: 5

Graham Badge

Graham: 5

Overall Badge

Overall: 5


The facts

Nutrition Facts

Serving Size1 s’more, 34g
  • Amount Per Serving
  • Calories145
  • % Daily Value*
  • Total Fat5g
  • Saturated Fat2g
  • Cholesterol2.5mg
  • Sodium96mg
  • Total Carbohydrate25g
  • Dietary Fiber1g
  • Total Sugars15g
  • Added Sugars14g
  • Protein2g
  • Vitamin D0.18mcg
  • Calcium29mg
  • Iron0.87mg
  • Potassium64mg
* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet.

While we make every effort to provide accurate nutritional and allergen information, we urge you to double-check the ingredients' packaging or manufacturers' websites before purchasing and preparing this recipe.

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